The Critical 5 Steps of New Home Sales

Our team will follow these 5 basic steps, you will sell more homes and your customers will have a better experience purchasing their new home from you.

 The Welcome

Build a relationship and understand the customer's needs, wants and motivations

The Model Tour

Presenting your homes in a way that allows the customer to see how your homes meet their needs.  Helping the customer fall in love!

The Site Tour

Design the site tours to help the customer select the home they want.  This is vital to being able to close the sale!

Closing and Overcoming Objections

The customers need our help!  We ask them for the sale!  If they say no, we help them identify what obstacles are in the way and deal with them.

Follow Up and Follow Through

If they don't buy today, we will have a plan for your next step!  Follow up is a part of the service we provide (and a job requirement)

 Contact me if you would like to have your communities staffed with agents who understand and practice these 5 critical steps to successful new home sales.

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